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I don't see my style knife, how can I order a cover?
Please email us at: with images of your blade that are taken from these angles


Once we have assessed the measurements, we will contact you with further information regarding desired personalizing and price. 

The Customify window is not showing up after I select my knife, why?

If you're having issues with the Customify window now showing up please try using a different browser.  Internet Explorer I found doesn't work but Google Chrome does.

I have a unique idea for a cover, can you make it?

We can try, please email us at with your idea.

What happens once I place my order?
You'll receive a receipt and an email with instructions about taking the proper photos of your knife. Please, expect 2 weeks for your order to be processed.

Is my knife cover going to have your logo on it?
All of our knife covers will sport our logo (BB). However, you choose to personalize your knife cover, which will be on one side of the cover. 

How can I use my own font for customizing my cover?

Please email us at: with the font you would like to use.

Does your company do more than just knife covers?

Yes, we also offer 3D design and printing for all purposes.  If there is something you would like made, please email us at:

What if my knife cover doesn't fit my blade?
Please email us at: