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About Us

BB Covers is a small workshop dedicated to making beautiful, food safe and functional knife covers for everyday use by Chefs and home cooks who care about quality. Working with a top of the line 3D printer, Ty and his brother Andrew craft custom made saya knife guards as well as any ideas people have.

There are many benefits to having a 3D printed knife cover. It's printed with a high strength nylon plastic which is FDA approved food safe. The plastic also has high heat resistant, so it can be sterilized with hot water or put into a dishwasher. Unlike wooden covers, this cover will not chip or break on you, yet it is tender enough to not dull your blades.

    Ty and Andrew started BB Covers in 2015.  With Ty's background in being a Chef and Andrews being in 3D game design, they decided to combine their skills to create 3D printed food safe knife covers for Chefs and home cooks.